Rezina® is the new resins solution for the furnishing of domestic, commercial, social, and industrial spaces. It lends itself to covering floors, walls, and various accessories (furniture, kitchen tops, bathroom accessories, ...). It is suitable for covering both existing floors (brick, marble, stoneware, tile, ...) and new substrates (sand and cement screeds, self-levelling or concrete coatings, various plasterwork ...). The laying of a Rezina® product involves the overlapping of successive layers that can be managed in a number of steps ranging from 5 to 8, applied in situ with a spatula or roller. Completing a room takes on average 6 days of work.

Rezina® products have outstanding ease of application compared to competing products, with a more assured result because the aesthetic characteristics are inherent in the product itself. The materials used for the final finish are guaranteed to prevent yellowing over time.

In any case Rezina® offers a rich range of tones selected by the company with a colour chart called “The Colours of Nature”; together with the customer we can also design customised and original shades and patterns of colour.



    As a coating, Rezina® is the new established trend for the creation of pleasing home interiors. The continuous finish of the surface helps expands spaces; the colouring, be it neutral or in more intense tones, effectively acts as furniture. Walls and coverings treated with the resins allow continuous areas to be fashioned without gaps and are easy to maintain. Rezina® is extremely versatile and boasts an array of 60 selected colours, but the colour of the finish can be easily changed: a white coating can become red and vice versa.


    Thanks to its characteristics of hygiene, versatility, and wear resistance, Rezina® is increasingly being seen as a reference product for completing kitchens, enhancing their modern designs. It is in bathrooms, however, that designers can fully exercise their creativity, being able to tackle complex projects with unexpected shapes for bathtubs, shower trays and sinks, ensuring surface continuity between floor and walls, or else complementing shower interiors with rezina tessile [Rezina textile].


    Thanks to its versatility, elegance and the ease with which any type of effect, colour, or finish can be produced, Rezina® is among the products most used by designers for creating commercial spaces. It also lays claim to countless shops and commercial spaces designed in Italy and abroad with tailor made care, with its own staff or with the help of certified artisans, allowing for great testimonials and guarantees for the end user. The most appreciated feature of the resins lies in their ability to greatly accelerate execution times. With Rezina® it is indeed possible to cover any pre-existing floor avoiding tiresome and costly demolition and restoration. Once laid it can be changed both in decorative effect and colour, and in the type of finishing, adapting it to new demands with lower costs than those of the original lay.


    Rezina®, the leading material in the workplace environment sector. Quick and easy to apply without the need for removing old flooring or using recent screeds. Easy to clean, practical, and impressive, Rezina® surfaces can successfully replace traditional flooring. It is in offices that Rezina® achieves the best compromise between high aesthetic level household surfaces and industrial strength surfaces. The resin, with its many decorative possibilities and great multiplicity of uses, allows professionals to free the project from the constraints dictated by discontinuous surfaces.


    Thanks to its versatility and durability, Rezina® is gaining strength as a reference product for surfaces in public spaces. Museums, art galleries, and showrooms look to Rezina® for 2 materials with a sophisticated essence. It is also the ideal surface for schools, theatres, large public spaces for socialising, as well as for Turkish baths and restaurants.


    With Rezina Tessile® the ability to customise one’s own space crosses new frontiers, reiterating a capability to innovate, characterised by quality that is typically and inevitably “Made in Italy”. Rezina Tessile®, in actual fact, represents the ability to cover different surfaces (floors, staircases, furniture, and even shower interiors) with any type of fabric provided it is natural fibre, fixing it with an exclusive innovative technical performance resin. Rezina has in fact patented a special finish for textile coatings through which the fabric used, once laid, preserves all its naturalness, both tactile and visual, reaffirming the decidedly contemporary predilection for surfaces that must never be artificial looking.

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